Diaper Clutches

I am like most moms today; I'm more worried about getting out the door so that we won't be late for ____ that I often don't even think about packing the diaper bag, until I realize that I have left it at home. I am also one of those moms who hates hauling around a huge diaper bag everywhere I go if I don't need it (for example the 15 minute run to the grocery store for milk and a loaf of bread). 
So, being that mom, I created a diaper clutch that worked perfect for me. Not a shapeless piece of material that was hard to hold onto, but one that could be dropped into the diaper bag, kept in the car, attached to the stroller, or held on my arm. Big enough to hold what I need, and small enough to not be bulky. 
It didn't take long for friends who saw what I had made to request one of their own, and then one for their friend who was having a baby. They are so functional and perfect, whether it is for the newborn, or the one that is potty training - everything is together in one neat little clutch. Cute for the new mom, perfect for the busy mom, and a lifesaver for the mom with more than one baby in diapers!

The diaper clutch features Velcro closure, quilted handle with Velcro on one side of handle to attatch to stroller, vinyl over cotton outside/cotton lined inside. The vinyl outside makes them easy to wipe clean, as well as helping them hold their attractive shape. They are made with all new materials and come from a pet-free and smoke-free home.

Regular diaper clutch measures: 10" (tall) x 5 1/2" (across) x 2" (wide) it holds a travel size wipes case and up to three diapers (amount of diapers may vary based on brand).

XL diaper clutch measures: 10 1/2" (tall) x 5 1/2" (across) x 2 1/2" (wide) it holds a travel size wipes case and up to five diapers (amount of diapers may vary based on brand). Or it can easily hold 1-2 diapers, wipes and a change of clothes for an infant.

If you have questions please email me. 
mudpuddles2 [!at] yahoo.com
 Regular size diaper clutch! ($12.00)
 Lots of cute prints available!
 XL Diaper Clutch ($15)